Promotion Process

The Media/Communications Director and Church Secretary will develop and distribute promotional material for your event using various methods (at our discretion).

Events List page on the Crosspoint Website and Mobile App
Pre-Service slides show on Sunday mornings
For events involving the entire church: Stage Announcements
Sunday Bulletin
Online sign-up/payment form OR online sign up/payment and Information Center paper sign-up forms
Connect Email (sent each Wednesday)
Social Media
Event information mailbox or Information Center fliers, at the event coordina­tor’s discretion

Video Tutorial

1. You must submit your promotion form at least two weeks prior to the start of promotion.

2. Fill out a Promote Your Event Form by clicking the button below.

3. Your event will go through an approval process:
Ministry Leader ---- Ministry Director/Pastor ---- Media/Communications Director and Church Secretary.

4. If you are using any part of the church facilities, you must fill out and submit a Facility Use Form. Click the button for the form and see instructions directly below.

Instructions if using from website/online:
1. Save a copy to your desktop/computer
2. Rename using this format: YYYY-MM-DD-(Your Name)-Event Name
3. Fill-out form and save
4. Email form to:

5. The Media/Communications Director will design graphics, an events page for the church website, and a slide for pre-service. Other print and digital materials will be designed and distributed as needed or instructed.

6. An online registration link will be created for the event page and paper/pencil registration can be created for the Information Center as indicated on the promotion form.

1. If your event requires payment, an online option can be created as indicated on the promotion form.

2. In-person payment must be either by “payment at the door” or arranged specifically with the Church Secretary and Information Center.

7. Your event will be promoted a minimum of two weeks at Crosspoint.

Questions About Promoting an Event?

Contact: (church secretary)
or (media/communications director)