We seek to serve each other and our Heavenly Father through ministries of mercy.
Please consider how you can partner with us.

Request Prayer

We are honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our prayer team meets regularly to lift up all requests.

Submit a Need

Those in our church body with care needs, please contact the church office so that our Elder/Benevolence team can be notified.


Our benevolence fund was established for the purpose of providing and caring for members of the community in need. We request you keep your benevolence giving separate from your regular offering to the Lord.

Crosspoint Rideshare

We have a great need for people to provide a service for our elderly Crosspoint community. Some of our elderly Crosspoint members desire to be with the body on Sunday mornings. However, due to physical limitations are unable to drive. Please consider volunteering for this service.

Crosspoint Business Directory

We desire to care for our Crosspoint family by supporting Crosspoint professional and service business owners. If you are a business owner, you may complete and submit this short form. We will combine your entry with other Crosspoint business owner information and make it available through Crosspoint print and digital media channels.