CFS is a year-round camp that also is teaching both college/post grad students (LTD – Leadership, Training, Development) as well as gap year (Trailhead – post high school) students. Forest Springs’ mission is to provide programs and facilities in a camping environment with a trained service-oriented staff who use the Word of God to help initiate faith and cultivate maturity in Jesus Christ.
The Brocks direct UIM Aviation. UIM Aviation uses aircraft and related technologies to impact remote peoples of Mexico living deep in the Serra Madre Mountains with the Gospel. Bryon flies missionaries to where the people are.

Matthew and Katarina Colegrove

Matthew and Katarina are serving in Rostock, Germany with Greater Europe Mission (GEM). They focus on reaching Germans by multiplying disciples and growing Christ’s Church through a coffee shop ministry. Centered around local church ministry, the coffee shop is an avenue to build relationships with gospel intentionality while providing for their church.

Dee Donaldson

Dee is focusing on developing Bible stories that speak to her village’s cultural understanding and theological needs. Why does Wycliffe utilize a model of storytelling? Stories are powerful. Far more than just entertainment, a story wraps truth in a compelling, non-threatening package that can slip preconceived.

René and Anja Gaona (Santiago, Sofía)

René lives out a strong calling and vision from God to reach teens, their families and communities through holistic development and discipleship.  He has worked with national organizations such as Youth Impact, Jesus Responds to Today’s World and DISCOVER, partnering with churches across the country to carry out evangelism and discipleship in innovative ways. The experience and connections made over the past 15 years have opened many doors to expanding this ministry.

Ivan and Mary Goossen

The Goossens work in Mucambo, Ceará, Brazil and have worked with Avant Ministries in Brazil for 32 years. Their primary ministry is church planting through a coffee shop platform. They have also been involved in starting a radio ministry, in field leadership and member care ministry.  Here is a short video of their ministry in a nutshell.
Ministry Video Link

Elwyn & Linda Goossen

The Goossens have worked in Brazil since 1996. One focus of their ministry has always been church planting. Currently, they work with a team of Brazilians to plant a church in the town on Tamboril. Elwyn is an electronics engineer at the Avant FM 103.3 radio station in Nova Russas in northeast Brazil, This ministry broadcasts the Word of God 24 hours a day to 17 municipalities that are less than 2% evangelized. More than 1.2 million people living in small towns and isolated villages now have the opportunity to hear the gospel.  Linda works with production and recording of the audio drama “Unshackled” in Portuguese.

Josh and Camila Goossen
(Daniel, Tito, Filipe)

Josh and Camila have been serving in Brazil since December 2018. Avant Minsitries focuses on planting and developing the church in unreached areas of the world, specifically to establish mature, nationally led churches. The Goossens’ specific task/end-goal is to plant a church in the town of Mucambo, a town that had no missionaries or church.
One of their first ministries in Mucambo is Café & Graca, a coffee shop which they believe will be an excellent venue for developing relationships and sharing the gospel. The coffee shop has couches and chairs, books, and games and is host to many children every night that they are open.

Joe and Lisa Harder  
(Caleb, Rebekah, Sara)

Joe and Lisa began working with Global Scholars in 2015 in Lithuania. Global Scholars places academic missionaries in universities worldwide with the goal of seeing university students come to faith in Christ.
The Harders serve at LCC International University, a Christian liberal arts university where most of the students are not believers. Joe teaches theology and history classes, while Lisa teaches, counsels students and serves in a variety of roles.

Tony and Suanne Harmon

Tony and Suanne have served with UIM Aviation since 2005. UIM International church planting mission that serves the indigenous people of North America (Canada, United States, and Mexico).
Tony is a certified airplane mechanic and maintains a fleet of aircraft that UIM has in service to those in Mexico. He also oversees the maintenance of the hangar in Tucson, AZ., and volunteer groups that come to serve in Tucson.
Rio Grande Bible Ministries exists to develop Christ-centered leaders with a Biblical worldview for the global church. Keith is VP of IT and his areas of responsibility include the computer & telephone department, printshop, Koinonia coffee shop and student center, web page and social media. Keith is also the PDSO (Principal Designated School Official) assigned to assist our students with their student visas (most of our students come with F-1 visa).

Scott & Alicia Holbrook

Alicia serves alongside her husband, Scott Holbrook, who is the President of Avant Ministries. While Alicia continues to maintain contacts with those she was ministering to in Italy, her primary responsibility is travelling with Scott to visit and encourage missionaries in their places of ministry or at missionary conferences. Alicia is also looked upon to provide insights for singles in ministry and women in ministry.

Jon & Cherie Martin
(Silas, Cody, Jade)

Jon and Cherie work with Marines and Sailors on the base on the coast of NC. Most of these are young 18–25-year-olds who have left home and are trying to figure out if they are going to follow Christ with all their heart, or the world. Jon and Cherie trust God for men and women who have surrendered completely to Christ to equip these men to evangelize those around them, establish people as disciples and equip them to labor. This is based on the Matthew 28:18-20, 2 Timothy 2:2, and Philippians 2:20-22, and Philippians 3:8.

Jesse and Monica Pauly
(Sofia and Malaki)

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Jesse is the GEM Field Leader for Italy. Monica and Jesse are helping a local church in a leadership role and are helping the church to learn discipleship multiplication. While partnering with local missionaries and pastors, the Paulys are helping to plant simple churches throughout the city. In their local neighborhood, they work alongside others to do various outreach events and prayer walks to sow seeds of the Gospel. The hope is to see a church planted in their neighborhood.

Rob and Barb Quiring

Rob and Barb have been serving with Reach Beyond since the 1980’s. In 2015 they transitioned from serving in Ecuador to the states and began an English conversation project. Rob serves as editor and club coordinator for ShareEnglish, the English conversation club and has opportunities to minister to people from different countries.
SAT-7 is a Middle East and North Africa broadcast media ministry. The vision is to see a growing Church in the region, a church confident in Christian faith and witness, serving the community and contributing to the good of society and culture. The ministry is by and for Middle Easterners with 80% of the programs produced by local Christians.

Steve and Mikki Schmidt

Steve is SIM’s Director of the West Africa region. He supervises and supports ministries in 12 different countries. The Schmidts also train mentors in leadership development, working with mission leaders from around the world to help make them more effective in their work. Mikki has worked at Sahel Academy as a teacher, principal, HR Administrator and Guidance Counselor. She is now working on a joint project with SIM and ACSI to address similar needs among African Christian school leaders.

Keith and Jeanette Shubert

The Shuberts are professors at the East Asia School of Theology. Keith is the Dean of Academics, which includes the campus in Singapore and extension classes across Asia. He teaches Bible classes and mentors a small group of men from several countries in Asia.

Darwin and Karen Stoesz
(Anna, Clara)

Darwin has served SEND Japan as Business Manager since June 2013. As part of the office staff, Darwin finds it meaningful to serve fellow missionaries and Japanese staff in ways that enable them to concentrate on the ministry the Lord has called them to. Karen serves as SEND Japan's Area Women’s representative and on the Board of Directors at Christian Academy in Japan, whose mission is to “equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ.”

Ben and Gladys Watson

Ben retired from full-time ministry in 2012. In 2014 he joined iTee Global (Internet Theological Education by Extension Global). Ben facilitates classes to train pastors and church leaders in the 2nd/3rd world. Much of his work is done online, but he has also taken numerous trips to train pastors and church leaders so they can train other pastors and church leaders who will never be able to afford a traditional Bible college or seminary education.

Calvin and Jessica Wunderink

Calvin and Jessica are serving with TeachBeyond at the Christian International School of Prague located in the Czech Republic. Calvin teaches high school and middle school math. Jessica serves as the school’s communication manager. CISP aims to provide, from a biblical perspective, an academically excellent and practically oriented education within a loving community. CISP serves missionary families, Czech nationals and other students and families within Prague.
GospeLink links sponsoring individuals, churches, and groups with church-planting preachers in other nations. Today, GospeLink sponsors over 1,250 national preachers serving in Africa, Asia, and Eurasia. In 20 years, GospeLink preachers have led 7.6 million people to profession of faith in Christ and planted 44,324 churches.
It is GospeLink’s conviction that the local church is God’s instrument of change and, thus, they partner with the global church to transform lives and communities through the redemptive and transforming power of the gospel.