“Lord, Whatever It Takes, Make Me Like You!”

You long to serve God with grace and strength, to reflect Christ in every word and action. Yet you find yourself continually struggling to bring that vision to life in your daily walk.

At our very core, every one of us is a “twisted sister” within whom the flesh and spirit battle constantly for control. We are afflicted with spiritual schizophrenia, the disconnect between our “good girl” desire to put Jesus first and our “bad girl” realities that crowd our thoughts and push him out of the way.

In this life-changing book, Joanna Weaver directs your gaze past your own shortcomings to the God who stands ready, willing, and able to make a new woman out of you. She equips you with biblical insights and practical tools to partner with Christ, inviting him into the hidden places of your soul and giving him full permission to redeem and renovate.

Would you like to join us for our fall session of First Place 4 Health as we explore this book and continue to strive to let the Lord have control in all areas of our lives?  We'll begin our study on Monday, Sept. 16th at 6:15 p.m., and meet each Monday through Dec. 9th.  
First Place 4 Health is a national Christian organization that encourages weight loss and overall good health. If you're interested in joining us, or would like more information about the cost, etc., please contact Kathy Isgro at 402-630-3496 of kathyisgro@yahoo.com.

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