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If we try hard enough, we can see God working everywhere we look:
In nature, society, the church, and our lives.  At Crosspoint, we desire to share these “God Sightings” as a way to glorify God and encourage each other.
We invite you to join us!
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My kids classes were scheduled over zoom today. It was such an encouragement to them! I’m thankful for the teachers willing to try something new, and for God strengthening me to as well! It was a blessing! 
Tuesday morning as I was driving to an appointment, I was blessed with simultaneously watching a beautiful full moon set and a colorful sun rise. Nehemiah 9:6 "You alone are the Lord. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you."
Praise the Lord for civil servants who look out for senior citizens. I woke up from a nap when two firemen knocked on my bedroom window. The mailman was so concerned when I didn't answer the door that he called 911. Firemen and policemen both came to check on me. I feel safe knowing people are concerned and checking on me.
I was frustrated with cleaning off my dog when he’d come in from the muddy backyard. I realized I was becoming depressed over my helplessness in this situation. I prayed through my frustration, asking God for relief. That night, the ground froze over! No more mud. Praise God who hears us and cares for us. 
I see God in every hymn and song that we sing, and God provides the right song to encourage me when I'm having tough days or even just feeling down. God reminds me of his his beautiful creation with "I Sing the Might Power of God" (text by Isaac Watts) 
In a sermon before Christmas, Pastor Mike talked about the Glory of God returning to earth when Jesus was born. What a moment of mystery and awe to be reminded of!
God has provided financially in a very big way for our family. We will be able to pay off some debt with this gift He has given us. God is so good! 
After work, I wanted to go for pizza. Checking for the best pizza in Omaha, there was one by our house. A couple from our church was leaving and stopped to chat with us for a few minutes. It was GOOD pizza. When we were ready to leave, our server said the other couple had paid for our pizza! How kind and generous God's people can be and how surprised we were. Thank you, friends.
I love being used of the Lord as I go build relationships with refugees. They know I am a Christian but I am choosing not to be pushy about evangelizing, but rather, just be their friend, share life with them, pray for them, and let the Lord do whatever His work is in their hearts on His timeline, not mine. It's truly a joy investing in the eternally significant things God has for us to do.
I went to prayer meeting on Wednesday night this week. I felt a little silly but asked for prayer regarding new renters for our rental home. Dallas and I wanted the right people to move in. The next day I posted the house on Zillow and got a number of inquiries but my brother told me that there was a teacher at Omaha Christian Academy who was looking for a house to rent in this area. I was able to contact her and by 4:30 on Thursday afternoon, she and her cousin said they would like to rent the house. What a great answer to a "silly" prayer!
I have been restored in a friendship that I thought was broken and lost. It is only through God’s power. 
God helps me finish my schoolwork and walk my dog.
On our way to Cabelas, we commented that on our way home we should eat at the Cilantros we were passing on 144th. About an hour and half later we stopped at Cilantros. As we were being seated, we noticed another couple from Crosspoint finishing their meal. A providential appointment of God as we shared life and how the Lord was providing His love, care and comfort in each of our lives. And by the way, neither of us live close to this Cilantro. ☺
I felt God take away my frustration and anger at a situation that I had no control over and help me persevere.
I gave up a dream of quiet day at home for Christmas to spend time with family. Then God gave me a quiet day at home on New Year’s. I see that as an answer to prayer and meeting my need.
My daughter had a flat tire recently. While we were trying to loosen stuck lug nuts on the car, a man who does tire work stopped to help and he had all the right equipment to get it done.  God sent him right where he was needed.
Friday I needed a pick-me-up so as I looked out our front living room window. I saw 2 little Downey Woodpeckers, 1 Red-headed Woodpecker, 6 Purple Finches, a male and a female Cardinal, numerous Sparrows and Nuthatches in our tree and on the ground, all sharing the suet and seeds. Most of them are back right now as I type this. I immediately thought of the song “His Eye Is On The Sparrow.” Thank you God for the birds that bring joy to my heart.
While at the 30th and Dodge Walgreens at 5:00 am Christmas morning picking up medicine for a sick child, I stepped outside into utter stillness. Not a sound, no traffic, no movement. It stopped me in my steps. I was reminded of the peace of the shepherds that was broken and the peace with man that was proclaimed on that first Christmas. It was the perfect way to start off Christmas, and all because of sick child.
 I see God working in that I don’t want to sin. It makes me feel bad and feel like I don’t want to sin.
While at the park, I heard the sound of laughter as two kids were playing tag with their dad. I don’t know anything about that family, but I saw the love there. And my heavenly Father loves me so much more.
My son-in-law had the side windows of his SUV broken out. He has been driving his vehicle that way for some time. For Christmas he received $150 . He took his vehicle in to get repaired and when he went to pay they said how about $150? He was elated! it was supposed to be much more. He called us and told us how God had provided exactly what he needed.
My 12 year old granddaughter has been struggling with feeling left out at school. She has had many a tearful night about this. She received a letter from her great aunt. She told all of us that God had given her a pen pal! She saw the provision for a 'friend' from God. My granddaughter had a God Sighting!
I recently switched from part time to full time with omaha public schools as a para. I was in a resource room helping kids that just need extra help with their studies and enjoyed getting off at 2:15 every day. In November the paras in an ACP room quit so I had to fill in where help is needed even more, working with mentally disabled children. It's a position I would have never applied for; also I didn't want to be at work until after 4:00. But God has a way of changing our hearts when we submit to His will. While working in that classroom, I fell in love with the kids and adjusted to working longer hours. With prayer and the encouragement of the other para, I made the decision to officially transfer. How many people get to try out a job before applying for it? I am happier in this job and I also have benefits which I didn't have before. This is truly a blessing from God.