Our goal with marketing is to communicate life-giving opportunities and make it easy for people to participate. We do this using the following mediums (at our discretion):
  • Events page of the website and mobile app
  • To The Point slides showing on Sunday Mornings
  • For certain events: Sunday Stage Announcement
  • Sunday Bulletin
  • Online sign-up/payment form OR online sign up/payment and Information Center paper sign-up forms
  • Connect Email (sent each Wednesday)
  • Social media posts

Here’s our process for having your event promoted:
  1. You need to nail down your event details before filling out the marketing form. If you don’t know all the details yet, but want to run a save-the-date in our marketing avenues well in advance, email your info to our Internal Marketing Coach, Amy Klaassen at If you have any questions about submitting your event details, contact Amy.
  2. Fill out the marketing form below. This is what initiates the process for our Internal Marketing team. If you have any special requests, include those in the additional notes section of the form.
  3. For best results, submit your event information two weeks before you want to START promotion. We recommend promoting your event for at least two weeks. This means you need to submit your event info at least one month before your event takes place (or one month before your sign-up deadline).
  4. Amy Klaassen will follow-up within a few days confirming she received your info, ask any questions, and tell you when your event will be promoted.
  5. Our Internal Marketing Team will write your marketing descriptions, design graphics, and create an online sign-up/payment form and a paper sign up if one is needed.
  6. Information Center and office personnel are instructed NOT to accept registration money (cash or checks). Therefore, event organizers may choose 1) on-line payment, 2) “pay at the door”, or 3) make other arrangements not involving the Information Center personnel. If you wish to collect registration fees at the Information Center, event personnel must be available at the Information Center before, between, and after all services to collect registration fees. Event organizer must explain all registration and payment options in their publicity and collect paper sign-up forms from the Information Center.
  7. Our sign-up form creator will email you to inform you that your form is ready and that your event is on the church-wide calendar. She will also give you instructions on what to expect when someone fills out your form, and how to access your sign-ups and email people. This email usually comes the week before promotion starts.
  8. Typically, we place your event information on the Events page of our Website and App first, then in the Connect Email the following Wednesday, and then in the Sunday Bulletin and slides. Events are usually promoted for a minimum of two weeks, which, depending on the event details, will include two appearances in the bulletin/slides, two appearances in the Connect Email, and two-four weeks on the Events page.

If you need a Facility Use Form, please click here.
Instructions if using from website/online:
1. Save a copy to your desktop/computer
2. Rename using this format: YYYY-MM-DD-(Your Name)-Event Name
3. Fill-out form and save
4. Email form to: