You Called Him What: Wonderful Counselor

By Dr. Don Pahl, originally preached on December 6, 2015.


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Wonderful Counselor

Isaiah 9:6; various

A.  Wonderful “Counsel” originates from our Triune God.

B.  “Wonderful Counselor” identifies God’s Messiah.

C.  “Wonderful Counselor” articulates Jesus’ earthly ministry.

D. “Wonderful Counselor” demands a lifestyle, not a “quick fix.”

Implications of this truth:

  1.  God’s counsel counteracts bad counsel.
  2. God’s counsel promotes healing.
  3. God’s counsel ushers us into worship
  4. God’s counsel demands action.


Seek God’s Wise & Wonderful Counsel…

and Come, Worship Him!


Next Week:

You Called Him…Mighty God

Isaiah 9:6