Blueprint for Marriage: When the Quiver is Empty

By Dr. Don Pahl, originally preached on November 22, 2015.


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When the Quiver is Empty

Psalm 127; 139; 1 Samuel 1

Biblical Principles Surrounding Family & Children:

  1. Know that God is Sovereign, Omnipotent.
  2. EVERY human life is sacred (imago dei).
  3. Seek counsel; weigh your options prayerfully.
  4. Act in faith, accepting God’s loving answer.
  5. In everything, BE GRACIOUS to everyone!


“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet,

and a light for my path.”

NLT  Psalm 119:105

[For further reading, Andreas J. Kostenberger; God, Marriage, and Family; Crossway, 2004]


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1 Corinthians 7