Welcome To The BOE MINUTE

Welcome To The BOE MINUTE

Our Crosspoint Board of Elders recently spent a few days in prayer and planning for the coming church year. Following are a few brief points to provide a glimpse of our work. Thank you for praying for our leadership and pastoral staff.

1.  2017-18 Preliminary Budget

  • We considered and passed our 2017-18 budget for Crosspoint ministries. God continues to bless and provide for these ministries. The   congregation will vote on that budget on October 29, our annual meeting. It will also be made available in the 2017 Annual Report which will be made available the first Sunday in October.

2.  Staff Priorities and Strategies

  • We acknowledged the need for additional media and outreach endeavors.
  • We discussed our 1828 (college/career) ministry, focusing on the leadership needs for this group of young people.
  • We reviewed our visitation ministry to meet the needs represented there.

3.  Strategic Discussions

  • The pastoral staff offered a new, simplified vision statement. After further thought and modification, the BOE will present the new statement to our church family.
  • The BOE agreed to send our pastoral staff, Children’s Director, and a couple lay leaders to a Discipleshift Seminar in the Houston area, a seminar guiding church leaders in developing a discipleship culture in their churches.
  • Communication

A recent church-wide survey suggested that the BOE needs to communicate more effectively with our church family. To that end, we begin the following key initiatives:

  1. Quarterly Forums: we will provide opportunity for the congregation to participate in 4 Q & A forums throughout the year.
  2. 2nd Sunday Update: we will provide a monthly Sunday morning update (both campuses) to focus on pertinent leadership information.
  3. ‘BOE Minute’ blog: This will be similar in content to what we will provided verbally at our 2nd Sunday Update.
  4. Elder visibility: we will, as Elders and wives, make ourselves visible and available at the end of each worship service at the front of the worship center. We are there to answer questions, pray with you, and to simply be there for you.

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