Trinidad Update (6-30-2017)

Hey Everyone!  Boy have we been busy the past two days!  Yesterday (29th) we visited two schools (one primary and one special needs) and ate lunch at the botanical gardens in Port of Spain as well as did VBS and had Pastor Bachew give the kids a talk late into the night.  Today we helped put beds together for the compound, did our last day of VBS and spent two and a half hours worshiping God at Red Hills Evangelical Bible Church in the community where we did the VBS this past week.

So many of the kids have done a fantastic job these last two weeks.  Joe Lillo and Katie Bartsch have put together an effective and organized VBS (well, as organized as one can be for Trinidad) and the leaders under them have done well in improvising at various stops throughout the weeks with different programs and skits.  Noah shared his story at the Handicapped Children’s home (on last second notice) and Elijah shared a story about Paul and Silas twice in one day to kids at a school and at our VBS and Sarah Krehbiel even played an original composition for Red Hill church tonight! I wish I had the time to call out each student by name but suffice it to say that they have all worked incredibly hard and have shown a love for the Lord that transcends their age.


So many kids heard the gospel from each one of our students.  Not one student will have left Trinidad without sharing the gospel message with at least one kid on this trip… likely all of them have shared it with dozens by now.  They’ve toughed through sickness, difficulty, uncertainty and exhaustion all to aid the Church in Trinidad and to share their faith with the little ones here.  Pray for us to finish well as our trip comes to a close!  Molly, Ben and Allie are feeling a bit better as well… so Praise the Lord!


In Christ,

Pastor Josh and Team

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