Trinidad Update! (6-28-2017)

Trinidad Update! (6-28-2017)

Good evening! Katie Bartsch here! Pastor Josh has asked me to write the blog for today, so here I am! As today marked the first day of “Week 2”, we have all sort of started hitting a wall. I see this as an opportunity! Either to give in and stop trying, OR to rise to the occasion and count it as a challenge. I believe this “wall” first started hitting our team this morning as we helped with some construction here on the TTUM compound. It rained off and on, which added to the challenge but, we all worked hard. Everyone was still trying hard, and I was proud of everyone, especially despite how tired and even physically sick everyone was. We had a bit of a break for lunch and resting before the VBS this afternoon. We had homemade pizza for lunch, which I think helped everyone feel a little bit more at home. We headed out to Day 3 of our VBS this afternoon, absolutely determined to not let exhaustion get the best of us.

Unfortunately, Allie Scheneman had to stay back on the compound during the VBS, due to feeling under the weather. On the bus, I could just hear echoes of people encouraging each other, practicing for the skit today, and lifting each other up, and I realized that the ONLY way we could have gone from exhaustion this morning to this much energy now, was God. He totally rejuvenated us and helped us power through! We arrived at VBS ready for another wonderful day. Everyone sprang into action once there. People set up the chairs and tables, then everyone immediately started playing with and building relationships with the kids there. I have been so proud of our team in this way. At these VBS’ so far, I have not seen a single child just sitting alone. At least one person from the team is always engaging and talking to each child. We had 37 kids come to the VBS today, which is very exciting to see! Gabe Farrington taught the Bible lesson today and did a phenomenal job, especially despite all the distractions at this location. Since the group is so big, we decided to try splitting up into age groups for crafts and games today, which seemed to work much better! Also, a little praise, even though it had been pouring on and off all day today, while we were at the VBS, there was absolutely no rain! Crazy how God provides that way! It was a perfectly clear sky! We all came home, in great moods, and ate a hardy supper. This evening was yet another extremely powerful team meeting, as we talk about the day, worship, encourage one another, and came together in prayer.





Prayers are continually appreciated! Please pray specifically for the members on our team who are feeling a little under the weather, like Ally S., Ben B., and Molly S.. Also for energy for the entire team as we enter this second week, that we go into it with as much enthusiasm as this past week. Please pray for unity in the team and that the rest of our ministry goes smoothly. Thanks everyone!

In Christ,

Katie Barstch

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