Trinidad Update (6-27-2017)

We’re back at it today with another super busy day of ministry in Trinidad.  The day started off with an audible as the school we were planning on going to cancelled our appearance so we went to an Elderly Home instead.  Beth played the guitar and we all sang some songs for the people at the home (about 20 of them) who varied in levels of coherency and lucidness.  However, the ministry time was great.  I noticed multiple students just being there for these people who are living out their last days alone and in a very poor situation.  Elijah Goossen spent a half hour with a man just talking about his life, Noah Krehbiel read scripture to a lady that couldn’t talk for 10 minutes, Joe Lillo and Josiah Krehbiel held the hand of a mentally challenged old man for a while.  I wish I could call out each student specifically but they all engaged with and showed great love to these people in what could have been a very uncomfortable situation. They met the challenge head on and ministered amazingly well to these people.

After that we went to a Kindergarten and shared songs and a program.  Megan Wenger helped lead the program with Beth Abdo, Renae Busenitz, Allie Scheneman and Brandon Brindamour leading the songs. The highlight of that part of the trip was Colton Folkers’ sharing a short testimony that was insightful and relatable for the young kids at the school.

Then we went to a Youth Prison where Josiah Krehbiel gave a short testimony that was powerful and met with applause from a group of troubled teen men.  Afterwards we were able to have conversations with these young man and talk about the gospel with him.  It was a phenomenal opportunity!


Lastly, we had a great VBS day with Sarah Bartsch teaching and the usual suspects leading.  We had almost 40 kids today varying in age and engagement.  Pray for the students as they navigate how to engage with some of the more rough around the edges kids.  Thanks for your prayers!

In Christ,

Pastor Josh and Team

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