Trinidad Update! (6-26-2017)

Trinidad Update! (6-26-2017)

Hey all!  We got back to Trinidad from Tobago after an interesting dealing with the ticketing at Tobago… which… we’ll explain later!  Haha. Anyway, we started our second week of VBS today and it went well!  After doing construction (moving sand to a wall to build it up to withstand rain from washing it out) from 9:00-Noon we had lunch and went off to our VBS spot.



Today, Katie Bartsch shared the message with the kids (and she did GREAT!) and we played lots of Futball (Soccer) as well.  You can pray for this VBS as it has more challenges than the previous one did.  While we have more space we also hav

e kids that are a bit more rambunctious than the other VBS location and a busy street nearby keeps the noise level pretty high.  This will present a lot of challenges but also be a big growing experience for the kids.

Pray for continued good health for the kids and successful VBS time for the rest of the week!  We’re having a great time and the kids are doing so well!  They will have a lot of stories to share when coming home, I can guarantee you that!  Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week!

In Christ,

Pastor Josh and Team



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