Burning Hearts: Shepherd Doomed for Slaughter

Part 8 of the Burning Hearts sermon series.

By Pastor Don Pahl, originally preached on March 22, 2015.



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Main sermon text: Zechariah

Jesus, the Shepherd, the One they pierced, Ruler over all!


Zechariah’s Background & Book

Zechariah’s Theology

1. God’s extends salvation to all.

2. God is sovereign over all nations.

3. God will judge all evil, finally, completely.

4.  God will restore his people Israel.

5. God will establish his King & his Kingdom.

Zechariah’s Shepherd(s)

1. God punishes Israel’s shepherds.

2. God seeks a shepherd for his doomed flock.

3. The foolish shepherd devours God’s flock.

4. God’s Shepherd doomed, stricken.

Zechariah And Jesus:

1. Jesus as Branch, Builder, King, Priest.

2. King Jesus enters Jerusalem on donkey.

3. Jesus (angel of the Lord?) riding a horse.

4. The Shepherd’s wages–30 pieces of silver.

5. Jesus looked on as pierced.

6. A fountain is available for cleansing.

Lessons From Zechariah

1. Yesterday – Yahweh Remembers!

2. Today – “The Lord of Hosts cares for his flock!”

3. Future – “On that Day…Holy to the Lord!”

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