Search Team Updates

Search Team Updates

Sept 9, 2018

Hello, I am Carl Kuhns and as chairman of the search committee, I will be sharing updates periodically in order to communicate our progress in our search for a Lead Pastor. Some of you may not know the members of the search team, therefore, I would like to take a moment to introduce them to you. They are Linda Peterson, Joni Fast, Brian Bartsch, Walt Hamilton, Jared Rothfuss and Mack Taulborg. Please keep each of them in your prayers.

With input from our Board of Elders and Pastor Nyquist, we have started work as a search team by working on the following items.

  1. We have put in place lines of communication that will be available to both internal and external sources.  One of the major points of communication is a Pastoral Search page that will soon be up on our website. This page will be useful for church members to see the job description, Position requirements and selection process along with other links for additional information.  Please log onto our website to view this in the upcoming week. For external candidates, this page will be extremely useful for accessing additional information about our church history and leadership. It also will be the entry point for an applicant to submit a resume and begin the application process.
  2. We have been preparing for the posting process by – getting the word out to contacts at major seminaries, preparing the actual posting verbiage, identifying  posting sites and preparing application and interview questions.
  3. We have been setting aside a time in each meeting for prayer.  We cannot emphasize enough the role that we believe prayer will have in our success. Following are specific avenues of prayer that we touch on each meeting and we are inviting you as a congregation to also pray for these specific items. Please pray for-
    1. Guidance – for the team, Elders, staff and applicants
    2. Discernment – for wisdom and insight as we will be faced with many decisions
    3. Unity – For our church and committee as we make decisions together
    4. Existing Staff – for strength, protection, wisdom, unity and guidance
    5. Our interim Pastor – “Mike Boyle” and his family as they make the transition and minister to us
    6. Our future Lead Pastor – for his current ministry, his family and wisdom
    7. Patience – For our ability to wait upon the Lord for his timing and his best

Within a short period of time, postings will be going out to various sites and we will begin the intense process of sorting through applications and seeking the Lord’s will in each decision we face. We covet your prayers and support as we do this work.  I want each of you to feel like you are part of this process and you can be by joining us in praying along each step of the way. We will attempt to communicate those things that are not confidential and which will help each of you pray more effectively

Sincerely In Christ

Carl Kuhns Chairman


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