Search Team Updates

Search Team Updates

October 21, 2018

In my last update, we shared with you the seminary sites we were posting to and that we were actively reviewing incoming resumes

Since our last update we have –


  1. Refined the wording on our job posting. As a committee, we felt like our posting needed to be more reflective of our congregations personality, therefore we changed some basic phasing to communicate more of our DNA.
  2. Have made the decision that it is time to extend our search to a national job posting board. We have identified a posting site we would like to use and are in the process of posting to this site
  3. We, with the approval of the BOE,  are adopting a philosophy of both fish and hunt. This means we not only will continue to invite applicants to submit resumes through our postings, but will also attempt to seek out a candidate who may not be looking and ask them to prayerfully consider if the Lord may be leading them in our direction. We are working with one such candidate at this time. Again as with all potential candidates, their identities are strictly confidential.
  4. We also continue to receive and review additional resumes through our posting process.  
  5. We have continued to ask our congregation to join us in unified and focused prayer. We are doing this by giving weekly time set aside each sunday morning to pray together specifically for our search.


Please continue to also pray for our Search Team, Interim Pastor and family, current staff and their families, our future Lead pastor, his family and his current ministries.


Sincerely in Christ,

Carl Kuhns – Chairman Search Team