Search Team Updates

Search Team Updates



In my last update, we communicated that we had created lines of communication, both internal and external. This included a landing page on the Crosspoint website that was usable and viewable by both the congregation and external candidates. I also informed you that the posting was going live on several posting sites.

Today i am sharing with you the list of posting sites we are working with to post our open position on. These are Seminaries that we strongly feel teach sound theology that would be consistent with our doctrinal views.


  1. Dallas Theological Seminary
  2. Talbot School of Theology (associated with Biola University)
  3. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  4. Trinity Theological Seminary
  5. Western Theological Seminary
  6. Phoenix Seminary
  7. Grace Seminary


At this time our posting is live on all of these sites except for Phoenix and Grace. We are working toward getting the correct forms and data submitted in order to get our posting on these remaining sites.

Currently, these posting are beginning to produce applicants for our review. So far we have received 8 resumes for our evaluation and review. As a reminder, we will remain patient and selective in our search for the individual the Lord would have for us. Please pray for us that we would be given discernment, wisdom, insight and unity as we review, research and evaluate  each candidate. At appropriate times in our review process, certain applicants will be asked to provide additional information for our evaluation. Each of these steps in the process take time, so we also pray that we all remain expectantly prayerful, unified and patient in this process.

Please continue to also pray for our Search Team, Interim Pastor and family, current staff and their families, our future Lead pastor, his family and his current ministries.


Sincerely in Christ,

Carl Kuhns – Chairman Search Team


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