Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The essential duties and responsibilities of the lead pastor will be carried out in the context of the staff team and ministry leaders. The lead pastor will give leadership and oversight and delegate responsibility as appropriate. The lead pastor will work in conjunction with the Board of Elders, pastoral and ministry staff, and ministry leaders in the implementation of the purpose and strategy of the church. The lead pastor shall perform all other duties as assigned by the Board of Elders. The essential duties and responsibilities of the lead pastor include:
  • Ministry of the Word
    Be the primary teacher for the church and be committed to an expository exposition of Scripture that is relevant, authentic and personally applicable.
  • Prayer
    Set the pace in Kingdom-focused prayer by spending time praying daily for the ministry of the church and by praying for and with others at the individual, family, and group levels.
  • Leadership
    Be directly accountable to and under the authority of the Board of Elders, leading and holding accountable all pastoral and ministry staff.
  • Discipleship & Evangelism
    Cultivate and demonstrate a heart for making disciples in Omaha, Nebraska, the surrounding region, and the world, thus continuing Crosspoint’s active participation in fulfilling the Great Commission worldwide.
  • Shepherding, Pastoral Care, & Community Building
    Lead the elders in nurturing and administering the overall shepherding ministry of the church.

Educational and Theological Requirements

  • Graduate level education from an accredited evangelical theological seminary
  • Committed to an evangelical understanding of Christian faith
  • Adhere to the doctrinal statement and governance documents of Crosspoint Bible Church (Governance documents will accompany an invitation to apply.)

General Requirements

  • Show evidence of a calling to and gifting for pastoral ministry, especially in the areas listed above as essential duties and responsibilities.
  • Be committed to personal and professional growth and accountability.
  • Live a lifestyle congruent with the biblical requirements for leaders
  • Possess and maintain a servant-oriented leadership style that respects and encourages volunteers, lay leadership, and all staff.
  • Love Jesus faithfully and passionately, out of the outpouring of God’s sustaining grace evidenced in scripture, creation, and the testimony of the Church and individual members throughout history, be fully devoted to God, and possess the fear of God, the love of God, and a desire for God, as demonstrated by the display and use of the Fruits of Spirit and possess a deepening, disciplined, vital, personal walk with God.

Our Selection Process

If you are interested in the position, please fill out the form below and attach a cover letter and resume/CV. Please be sure to include sermon links on your resume or cover letter. All applicants will hear back from us shortly by email.  

Our selection process will involve resume/CV and cover letter collection, followed by requests for applications, and a series of interviews, with the candidate field narrowed at each point.