Burning Hearts: Nineveh: Recipient of Grace and Truth

Part 6 of the Burning Hearts sermon series.

By Pastor Don Pahl, originally preached on February 22, 2015.



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Nineveh: Recipient of Grace and Truth

Jonah and Nahum — Prophets to an Evil Nation.

Few stories in the Old Testament demonstrate God’s grace and Truth like the story of Ninevah.

A. God demonstrates his grace…

  • In protection;
  • In comfort;
  • In patient endurance;
  • In forgiveness.

B. God demonstrates his truth… 

  1. Consistent in his character.
  2. Accurate in identifying evil. 
  3. Just in punishing sin.
  4. Faithful in restoring the righteous.

Trust in God Alone.

There is No Other.

Want to see the area in Iraq where Ninevah once stood? We’ve linked to Google Maps of the area here.

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