New Beginnings

I have always been impressed when the Holy Spirit gives us brief glimpses of insight into Paul’s compassion toward the people he had been involved with. Admittedly, he had harsh words, especially for the people of Galatia, for the church at Corinth. They were in grave danger.

But he loved them. He treated them like the spiritual children they were to him since he had aided in their spiritual birth process. He had gone through intense, spiritual labor pains to bring them into the Church, into God’s Kingdom, and into maturity in Christ.

For 45 years Paul has been my pattern, in doctrine, in love for the Word, in love and compassion for God’s flock. But labor pains are painful, be they physical or spiritual. And Rosi and I have experienced much joy and much pain in caring for you.

As much as we love you, our church family, there are two other families that we love, perhaps not more, but in a more intimate way. Our oldest grandchild is a junior in H.S. Our youngest just turned 3, going on 17. And we want to be a part of their lives, play with them on the floor, while we can still get back up off the floor.

Having thought through and prayed through these issues, we spoke with the Elders this past week and launched our retirement plans (also at the urging of my doctor). We will, therefore, retire at the end of May from ministry here at Crosspoint, our last Sunday being toward the end of May. We would like to be on our way to the Kansas City area sometime in June.

We love you. We love our family differently. I hope you will understand. God is going to care for and bless this church because it belongs to his beloved Son, Jesus. We will pray for you and we ask that you pray for us. Thank you for these wonderful (almost) 20 years together.

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