Join us for Adult Bible Hour during both Sunday mornings services at the Omaha Campus.



9:00 am: Answers Bible Curriculum – Genesis 25 to Exodus 1

Jacob and Joseph are examples of people who trusted God and experienced God’s hand on their lives even in difficult circumstances. Their lives teach us about God’s character and power.
Presenter: Rob Quiring

10:30 am: On Track With God

We are told to ‘make disciples’. In order to faithfully carry out this command we must first and foremost be good followers. Where do I begin and how do I know if I am being the type of follower our Lord wants me to be?

This fall we will examine several characteristics and biblical areas necessary to stay “On Track with God” in our own lives, and we well receive some tools to biblically influence others.

On Track with God is not a discipleship program. It is an ongoing process of a walk that, hopefully, glorifies God even in the midst of all that life can throw at us and at others.

Who would benefit from this class? Anyone who desires to stay “On Track with God,” whether single or married, young or less young, new believer or one who has been around a while. If you have a passion to please God and help others to do so as well, please join us this fall.
Presenter: Mike Jones

10:30 am: God’s Word in Alpha-Bits

Psalm 119 is God’s Word revealed in Alpha-Bits! Twenty-two stanzas of eight verses each tell the story of a young man’s dedication to Yahweh and his Word in the face of oppression and persecution. Join us as we study how we may also stand fast in Christ in our spiritually dark world as we sing the songs of the Word of God in our hearts on our daily walk with the Lord.
Psalm 119:54 “Your statutes are my songs / In the house of my pilgrimage.”
Presenter: Ed Carroll


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