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When we’re struggling, we want to know that someone cares. When a person is experiencing loss, illness, hardship, stress, it’s a great opportunity to show them that we recognize their need, we care, and we’re taking action. One of the simplest ways to bless people is to provide meals. We all have to eat right?

The Crosspoint Meal Ministry is made up of people who are willing to cook (or order take out) and deliver meals to those who need them.  Not only does it help financially, but it also means less shopping, cooking, and cleaning for the recipient. Usually recipients are people within Crosspoint who have experienced one of the following:

The birth of a child
Illness, hospitalization, rehab
The loss of a job
Any situation where a delivered meal might provide relief

Meals are an easy way to bless someone and show them that people care. The idea here, however, is NOT that a ministry team takes the place of people naturally caring for one another. Our hope is that, as you become more and more connected by building relationships at Crosspoint, you are naturally caring for others, and others are caring for you. The Meal Ministry should supplement an organic culture of caring for one another. What’s great is that when we’re truly connected and living life with other people, we can recognize needs beyond meals, such as helping with housework, babysitting, giving gifts, and more.


We need your help to keep blessing people as Crosspoint grows. In order to make this a reality, and not burden the people who are preparing the meals, we’d love to have as many volunteers as possible. You’re not locking yourself into a strict commitment. When a need goes out, you’ll be asked to pick a day to deliver a meal. So you can base your meal prep on your availability! Submit the form below and we’ll follow up with you.