Marked as Disciples: Travel Guide for the End Times


Mark 13: 1 – 13 part of the Marked As Disciples sermon series, by Dr. Don L. Pahl.

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Jesus’ Instruction for End Times Living:

1. Jesus prophetically scans the horizon of history.

a. Israel’s judgment commences.
b. Jesus’ followers’ persecution intensifies.
c. Evil will be overthrown and Jesus will reign.

2. Jesus prepares his followers for difficult times.

a. Be on guard against objects of worship.
b. Be on guard against false Christs.
c. Be on guard against fear…
i.… during national/international crises.
ii.… during natural crises.
iii.… during personal persecution.
d. Be on guard…I am Lord of history.
e. Be on guard, stay awake…during the long night of evil.

3. Jesus assures his followers. 

God. Sits.Enthroned. Forever!


Next week:  “Watch for False Christs” (Mark 13:14-27)

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