Marked as Disciples: Artfully Springing The Trap(s)


Mark 12: 13 – 34 part of the Marked As Disciples sermon series, by Dr. Don L. Pahl.

Slide Show:

  1. The POLITICAL Question …

What about paying taxes?

  • This coin bears Caesar’s image…give it to him!
  • You bear God’s image…give God what is due him!

2. The THEOLOGICAL Question …

What about the resurrection?

  • Ignorant of God’s Power!
  • Ignorant of God’s Word!

3. The MORAL Question …

What is greatest commandment?

Jesus’ Answer: “Shema” Israel

  • Affirm nature of God.
  • Supreme love for God.
  • Sacrificial love for others.

“Not far” still separates us from the love of God – FOREVER!

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