Who Am I…Really: Love or Hate? Light or Dark?

Love or Hate? Light or Dark?

By Dr. Don Pahl, originally preached on May 3, 2015.


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Main sermon text: 1 John 2:7-11

Love or Hate? Light or Dark?

1. God’s command to love is “new” & “old.”

a. “Old” because it was “from the beginning.”

b. “New” because it is …

  • for a new age;
  • with a new motivation;
  • with a new energizer.

2. Christian love reflects the light of Jesus.

a. Jesus loved the Father eternally.

b. Jesus loved his disciples passionately.

c. Jesus taught his disciples to love each other.

d. Jesus modeled love for his disciples.

e. Jesus displayed ultimate love on the cross!

3. Christian love authenticates a relationship with Jesus.

a. Hatred and darkness coexist.

b. Love excels in light.

While love is not the final test,

it confirms the company of Jesus.