Light and Sword

Light and Sword

As Mary and Joseph and their tiny new baby enter Jerusalem’s temple, an old man and an old woman greet them. After blessing them and their baby, the old man identifies Jesus as “a light for revelation to the Gentiles,” then looks at Mary. “Your son will be spoken against, Mary, and a sword will pierce your own soul, too.”

A light and a sword. No, not a Star Wars light-sword. A light and a sword. What purpose did these two elderly people fulfill in Luke’s gospel? And what was the meaning of the light and the sword?

Simeon and Anna were God’s instruments to verify the identity of God’s Messiah, Jesus. As light, Jesus brought truth and righteousness to a very dark world. And Mary’s sword, the pain, anxiety, and agony she would experience because of her son, Jesus, pierces each of Jesus’ followers today.

Have you experienced the light of Jesus? Have you known the pain of association with Him?

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