Elder Minute: January 2018

Elder Minute: January 2018

We hope you have had a wonderful start to your 2018. Below is a summary of our last meetings as a board. Thank you for your continued prayer for our leadership and our church.

1.  Elder Role (Expectations, BOE Meetings, Candidate Questions) – Paul presented what has been compiled thus far. This continues to be a work in progress.

2.  Staff Discussions – We have had fruitful discussions regarding the office staff. We have developed an organizational chart and continue to discuss goals and job descriptions to encourage a fruitful office environment.

3.  Office Workspace Visibility – Steps have been made to encourage a more visible workspace for each of our staff members. This is still in progress.

4.  Safety/Security – Reg has been working diligently to provide us with the necessary information to make informed decisions on how to ensure Crosspoint grounds and ministries are a safe environment. We have been given a lot of information that we will continue to sift through an make decisions in future months.

5.  Discipleshift; a few of our men attended a conference in Nov 2017 and were incredibly blessed. We are sending additional staff to a conference the week of January 14. Discussion and recommendations are being made to send additional lay leaders in the next several months.

6.  Elder presence in Services; We like having members of the board available in each of the services. This will continue and we encourage you to meet with our leadership after services.

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