Hearts for the Harvest

During the month of March, we focus on Crosspoint’s supported Global Partners. Following is a list of scheduled activities for you and your family to participate in, projects to invest in, and an opportunity to give.  Please scroll down the page to find out what this weekend is all about.  Join us at the Omaha Campus as we learn more about what God is doing in Omaha and around the world.


District Executive Minister of Converge Heartland
I’ve been married to Kari, my high school sweet-heart, for over 20 years and God has blessed us with three growing kids; Caiden, Cole and Kinsey.  God has graced our family with a global array of local church ministry experiences ranging from planting churches among the Tuvan tribe of Siberia to pastoral roles in Texas, South Dakota and Alaska.  Our life and ministry, together, have been anything but dull!  Having come out of a small, farming town in west-central Iowa, I experienced life in a community without a gospel-advancing local church. Having felt God’s clear ministry leading on my life from a young age, this reality galvanized my passionate aim to see gospel-advancing local churches started and strengthened, on a global scale.  As the Converge Heartland District Executive Minister, I am honored to have the privilege of following this calling, within my home culture!  Besides serving local churches, I enjoy college football, hiking, foreign languages, exploring, writing and introducing our kids to classics from the 80’s and 90’s.


Nursery & Children’s Program Registration

Spaghetti Feed
Hear from Darwin & Karen Stoesz
Crosspoint missions opportunities
Keynote address : Jim Capaldo
Children’s Program ages 4-12 with Jesse & Monica Pauly
Nursery Provided



Hear from Jesse & Monica Pauly
Crosspoint missions opportunities
Keynote address: Jim Capaldo
Nursery Provided
Children’s Program ages 4-12 with Darwin & Karen Stoesz
Dessert –  Please help by bringing a dessert to share.




9AM Omaha Campus
Hear from Ivan & Mary and Josh & Camila Goossen
Speaker Jim Capaldo
10:30 AM Omaha Campus
Hear from Ivan & Mary and Josh & Camila Goossen
Speaker Jim Capaldo
10:30 AM Bennington Campus
Hear from Darwin & Karen Stoesz
Speaker Jim Capaldo



During the month of March, we will be collecting offerings for our Hearts for the Harvest projects. We ask you to consider making a gift toward these projects any time in March. You can scroll down the page to donate online or make your check payable to Crosspoint and write “H4H” or “Missions” on the memo line of your check.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 in March for the following projects:

GAMe (Crosspoint missionary Chad Peterson)

In this ministry to reach college, young professionals, and to be a lighthouse in the community that is seldom reached by any faith-based believers, we are looking to update the internet system for security and access. With over 100 ministries accessing our space, and so many students finding it a safe place to study, internet and security are increasingly important.

CEF (Crosspoint missionary Jackie Weiss)

In need of Bibles and devotional books that would be a great blessing to distribute to the children. We are also in need of prizes for 5-Day Clubs.

United Indian Mission (Crosspoint missionaries Tony & Suanne Harmon)

Fundraising for an upgrade in the engine instrumentation that would totally replace antiquated gauges that are not accurate and are costly to repair, replace flight instruments that would increase reliability, and purchase a propeller and paint for the aircraft.

Avant Ministries (Crosspoint missionaries Elwyn & Linda Goossen)

Project is a mini-solar plant for Harvest Radio. Electricity continues to be about 25% of monthly operational costs. Being so close to the equator and closer proximity to the sun, the pay-off for such equipment would be fairly quick and would then enable them to operate at a lower monthly cost.

SEND International (Crosspoint missionaries Darwin & Karen Stoesz)

Okutama Bible Chalet, a SEND International Christian camp in western Tokyo, needs to replace 32 sets of bedding in its large sleeping rooms. Unlike Christian camps in the U.S., Japanese camps are expected to provide clean, fresh bedding for their campers.

Extra Dollars?

If we go over our goal for the above five projects, we will put any additional money toward scholarships for Crosspoint youth who will be attending the Summit Student Conference in Colorado this summer. Summit is a fantastic 12-day experience that teaches young adults how to champion a biblical worldview and to strengthen their faith in this post-christian culture.