Burning Hearts: God, You’re Kidding … Right?

Part 7 of the Burning Hearts sermon series.

By Pastor Don Pahl, originally preached on March 1, 2015.



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Main sermon text: Habakkuk & Zephaniah


How does God respond to evil?

  1. Evil stands contrary to God’s holiness.
  2. Therefore, God is against all evil. 
  3. Therefore, God will eradicate all evil. 
  4. God’s primary purpose is to secure salvation. 

How should we respond to evil?

  1. Speak and act when and where we can.
  2. Be aware that evil lurks within every heart. 
  3. Storm heaven with prayer.
  4. Wait patiently, confidently, and in hope for God’s timing. 

God will bring final and lasting judgment.

Meanwhile, live by faith

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