Elder Minute:  December 2017

Elder Minute: December 2017

Hey Crosspoint!

As we approach the end of the year, here is a brief summary of what the Crosspoint Board of Elders has been working on.

1. Purpose of the Church – We have just started working on a position paper on our view of the Church and its role. This is a discussion that will continue over the coming months

2. Elder Role (Expectations, BOE Meetings, Candidate Questions) – we are working to create some guidelines and direction for how the Elder role will function and how each elder can better fulfill their commitment to the board and to the congregation as a whole. This discussion has just begun and will continue over the coming months.

3. Crosspoint Campuses – Discussion is in process on how we can mutually support each campus as we are wholly committed to the ideal of ‘one church – two campuses’.

4. Office and Staff considerations – Much discussion has occurred with regard to the Crosspoint staff. We have been working on creating current job descriptions for each staff position. We are also creating documents on staff interaction. Staff evaluation goals were discussed as well. This is an ongoing discussion as we are touching multiple areas. We have been discussing potential office workspace rearrangement so that there is better visibility/accountability in the office.

5. Safety/Security – With the recent tragedy in Texas fresh in our minds we have been discussing our current safety measures in use at Crosspoint and what, if anything, we need to do to better secure our church grounds and facility from any threat. This is an ongoing discussion.

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