Finally! Trinidad Update (6-24-2017)

Finally! Trinidad Update (6-24-2017)

Hey everyone!  So we finally got the blog to work thanks to Monica and Pastor Kevin helping out back in Omaha!  So thank them for the updates because without them it wouldn’t be possible.

Where to begin?  Well we finished our first VBS today.  It was a three day VBS done in a small village about a half hour outside of the TTUM compound.  To catch you up on all we’ve done thus far here’s a quick recap:

  • We arrived in Trinidad late on Tuesday night (actually Wednesday morning) and went to bed
  • Day 1: On Wednesday the kids did Orientation with Jen Bachew and we went to canvas the neighborhood where our VBS would take place.  Inviting people door to door to send their children to VBS the following three days.  Due to flooding we couldn’t do the tour we had initially planned on.
  • Day 2: We went to a private school and did a program.  Katie Bartsch taught and we did a few skits.  There were over 200 kids at the school and it went really well!  They were all excited we came and even though we couldn’t go to the other two schools because they were closed due to flooding we had a great time.  In the afternoon we had our first VBS in the small village and had about 14 kids come.
  • Day 3: We started this day with construction, carrying sand from one place, in buckets, across a sopping wet and muddy field to a wall for two hours.  The kids worked hard, got dirty and got to play in some pouring tropical rain!  They also jumped into the compound’s pool fully clothed to wash the muck off!  Since it was raining most of the day the second day of VBS was held entirely under a small tent.  The kids adapted well, we still had all the kids from the previous day show up despite the rain and  Gabe Farrington did an amazing job teaching as well.

That brings us to today.  Today we were able to go to a children’s home and Colton, Clara and Beth shared their testimonies with a few skits scattered in between to 20 youth about their same age.  We played soccer with them as well and shared the gospel.  The final day of VBS was phenomenal as well! Noah taught the lesson and did a great job telling the story of Jesus calming the storm and relating it to how Jesus can calm the storm in our lives if we believe in him.  We split up and shared the gospel with the kids and a few received salvation today as they placed their faith in Jesus Christ!

Beth Abdo leading a young girl to Christ.

Thank you for all of your prayers, we truly feel them, and for your patience as we figured out how to get the blog to work.  Stay tuned as we should now have regular updates throughout the rest of the trip! 


In Christ,

Pastor Josh and the Team

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