Marked as Disciples: Feeding Souls…Healing Minds & Bodies

Feeding Souls…Healing Minds & Bodies

By Dr. Don Pahl, originally preached on January 17, 2016.

The message focused on Mark 1:21-45.

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Jesus’ Teaching Ministry…

  • Upset traditional patterns.
  • Astonished the people.
  • Communicated authority.
  • Foundational to Jesus’ ministry.
  • Fulfilled Jesus’ purpose.

Jesus’ Healing Ministry…

  • Met genuine human need.
  • Proclaimed Jesus’ authority.
  • Confronted every human condition.
  • Never became universal.

Jesus’ Three Life Priorities…


Discipleship Inventory

  • Do I embraced Jesus’ words?
  • Do I invest time with the Father?
  • Is my heart compassionate?

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Through the Roof!

Mark 2:1-17