Marked as Disciples: Feeding Crowds & Turning Heads

Preached on April 10, 2016
By Dr. Don L. Pahl

Mark 6: 30-56 – part of the Marked As Disciples sermon series.

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Three Scenes From The Life of Jesus:

FEEDING THE 5,000, Jesus demonstrates compassion in  his humanity, omnipotence in his deity.

WALKING ON WATER, Jesus demonstrates patience & compassion in  his humanity, omnipotence to walk on water and to still the storm in his in his deity.

HEALING THE SICK, Jesus demonstrates sympathy & compassion in his humanity, omnipotence to heal human bodies and souls in his deity.


  1. Trust me with you.
  2. Trust me with all that you have!
  3. Believe Who I am and follow me.
  4. Becoming my disciple is a l-o-n-g process.


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