Marked as Disciples: The Essence of Faith

Preached on March 27, 2016
By Dr. Don L. Pahl

Mark 16 – part of the Marked As Disciples sermon series.

Slide Show:

1st Encounter, scene 1 – Jesus & Jairus

2nd Encounter – Jesus and the Woman

1st Encounter, scene 2 – Jesus & Jairus

When Jesus Healed:

  1. He healed out of compassion.
  2. He healed body and soul.
  3. He displayed the Messianic Kingdom.
  4. He chose compassion over custom.
  5. His death brought ultimate healing.

Perspective on Crowds:

  1. Crowds surrounded Jesus for miracles.
  2. Jesus taught crowds Kingdom living.
  3. Jesus met visible needs of the crowds.
  4. Crowds cheered Jesus on Palm Sunday.
  5. Crowds demanded his crucifixion only days later.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Difficult Pathways of a Disciple

Mark 6:1-29