Marked as Disciples: Difficult Pathways Of A Disciple

Preached on April 3, 2016
By Dr. Don L. Pahl

Mark 6: 1-29 – part of the Marked As Disciples sermon series.

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SCENE 1: (6:1-6)

Jesus Experiences Rejection at Nazareth.

SCENE 2: (6:7-13)

Jesus Sends Out His Twelve Apostles.

SCENE 3: (6:14-29)

The Death of John the Baptist.

Rejection (1-6) – Training (7-13) – Rejection (14-29)

Three Truths Regarding Our Walk of Faith

  1. Faith walks a rocky and hostile path.
  2. Hostility sprouts form rejection.
  3. Rejection of God is mutual. 

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