“How would it feel to enter into prayer with confidence and assurance—certain that God heard you and that your prayers would make a difference?  New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge confronts these issues directly in Moving Mountains by offering a hopeful approach to prayer that is effective, relational, and rarely experienced by most Christians. In a world filled […]

Finally! Trinidad Update (6-24-2017)

Hey everyone!  So we finally got the blog to work thanks to Monica and Pastor Kevin helping out back in Omaha!  So thank them for the updates because without them it wouldn’t be possible. Where to begin?  Well we finished our first VBS today.  It was a three day VBS done in a small village […]

A Plea For Prayer

Choosing kings used to be a lot easier. Blood lines render voting booths unnecessary. But blood lines also allow continuation of “bad blood,” corruption, and moral decay. A variety of governing models dot earth’s landscape. Monarchies still pass the throne from one generation to another. Evil dictators rule until a coup interrupts corruption. Benevolent dictators, […]

The Last Embers

Like many of you, I have fond memories of campfires. Campfires generate warmth both physically and emotionally. We share campfires with friends, with family, with fellow campers. I especially remember the campfires at Bible camp. During my formative years in northeast Nebraska, I spent at least one week each summer at Glad Tidings Bible Camp […]

The Way Up Is Down

From family to business to civic matters, leadership threads its way in and out of our lives. This past Fourth of July holiday, we gratefully considered the leaders who founded this great nation. This election year, we consider national leadership—leadership styles, personnel, priorities, and possibilities. But there’s one model of leadership we seldom think to […]

MUMS Podcast

Each month, MUMS presents a guest speaker/s to share Biblical parenting tips, ideas, and encouragement.  Check out the recordings below or subscribe on iTunes. Counter the Culture: A Family Strategy to Guard Hearts and Minds with Bob and Keli Brindamour Our Identity in Christ with Peggy Eckman Boys and Girls With Angela Taulborg and Amy […]