For our summer session of First Place 4 Health, we’ll be working through a Bible study entitled  “Take Hold of the Faith You Long For – Let Go, Move Forward, Live Bold” by Sharon Jaynes.  Here is a short synopsis of her book:

“On the outside, many women are well-put-together Christians with trendy shoes, beautiful children, and wide, white smiles. On the inside, those same women are little girls cowering at the edge of the playground, hoping no one notices them, yet still wishing they could join in. They’ve professed faith and know the right things, but they struggle to truly take hold of the “life more abundant” that Jesus offers. Instead they settle for a life that’s less than what God has promised them.

In this liberating book, Sharon Jaynes reveals the most common reasons women get stuck with a mediocre, mundane faith. Then she shows women how to break free and move forward, leaving behind the feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, and insecurity that are holding them hostage. She uncovers untapped sources of confidence and courage, equipping women to move from knowing the truth to actually believing it–and living it out boldly in a life marked by true freedom”

First Place 4 Health is a national Christian health and weight program.  We weigh in each week, as well as discuss health issues, share victories, pray, and work through a Bible study.  One of our ladies lost 15 pounds over the winter session, and as a group, we lost 59 pounds!  Our summer session will begin on Monday, June 4 at 6:30 p.m. and continue each week until August 27.  All ladies are invited to join us, even if they don’t attend Crosspoint.


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