“How would it feel to enter into prayer with confidence and assurance—certain that God heard you and that your prayers would make a difference?  New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge confronts these issues directly in Moving Mountains by offering a hopeful approach to prayer that is effective, relational, and rarely experienced by most Christians. In a world filled […]


For our summer session of First Place 4 Health, we’ll be working through a Bible study entitled  “Take Hold of the Faith You Long For – Let Go, Move Forward, Live Bold” by Sharon Jaynes.  Here is a short synopsis of her book: “On the outside, many women are well-put-together Christians with trendy shoes, beautiful […]

On Tutors and Teachers

So there I sat, reading a book on how to read, assigned by my fourth-grade teacher. When the author advised, “When reading, rest your eyes; look out the window,” I rested my eyes, I looked out the window. “Daydreaming again?” she asked. I stayed after school cleaning chalkboard erasers. Each of my grade school teachers […]

New Beginnings

I have always been impressed when the Holy Spirit gives us brief glimpses of insight into Paul’s compassion toward the people he had been involved with. Admittedly, he had harsh words, especially for the people of Galatia, for the church at Corinth. They were in grave danger. But he loved them. He treated them like […]

Elder Minute: February 2018

Here is a summary of the Crosspoint Board of Elder activities for the past month. 1. Updates were made to the staff organizational chart and staff duties as they relate to the management of personnel. 2. Leadership Availability after Services – A decision was made to focus on elder presence in the friendship room to […]

Fiery Little Man

He wasn’t much to look at, some sources say. By his own admission, he wasn’t much to listen to, lacking eloquence. He wrote profusely, preached powerfully, and vigorously played the part of a fiery little man. This highly educated Hebrew scholar named Saul, Saint Paul, the Apostle Paul, ultimately wrote approximately 28% of the New […]

Elder Minute: January 2018

We hope you have had a wonderful start to your 2018. Below is a summary of our last meetings as a board. Thank you for your continued prayer for our leadership and our church. 1.  Elder Role (Expectations, BOE Meetings, Candidate Questions) – Paul presented what has been compiled thus far. This continues to be […]

No Baloney Please

Remember playing “One of these is not like the other”? You’re shown a picture of beagles. In the middle of the pack stands a beagle-looking fox. Can you find it? In the middle of teddy bears on a couch sits a fluffy, baby chow. Which one? Here stand several meerkats in a row. What’s that, […]

Light and Sword

As Mary and Joseph and their tiny new baby enter Jerusalem’s temple, an old man and an old woman greet them. After blessing them and their baby, the old man identifies Jesus as “a light for revelation to the Gentiles,” then looks at Mary. “Your son will be spoken against, Mary, and a sword will […]

Peace on Earth?

Intense sadness and profound peace still stir my soul upon hearing one of the most beloved Christmas carols, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day. I heard the bells on Christmas day
Their old familiar carols play
And mild and sweet their songs repeat
Of peace on earth good will to men. These words poured from the pen […]