Bible Study Registrations

Bridges is a six-week course designed to help Christians share the good news of Christ with their Muslim neighbors. Each week there’s a DVD lesson covering a different aspect of Islam. You should take this class if you currently know a Muslim or in the future might run into someone who follows Islam, and you’d like to potentially share the gospel with that person. This course will provide you with a basic understanding of the Islamic faith, and arm you with tools for witnessing. As a participant, you receive a book to help you work through and remember all the pertinent lessons and tools from the course. The book also provides ideas for how to implement what you are learning.

Over the course of six weeks, we will cover:
1. Islam’s beginning and how it spread, from who Muhammad was to the role of the Qur’an and Hadith
2. The belief system of Muslims, their basic practices and rituals
3. Recognizing differences among Muslims
4. Using similarities between Christianity and Islam to extend the Gospel and differences as discussion points for sharing truth
5. Understanding the New Testament’s credibility, and the four books Muslims must read and follow
6. Muslim perceptions of grace, the significance of sacrifice in Islam, explaining Christ as the true sacrifice.

Any questions can be directed to Patrick Garmoe at

Click HERE for calendar of dates: March 4, 11, 18, 25, and April 15, 22.


    It is acceptable to share a book.