Farewell to an Old Friend

Grace University has existed to develop servant leaders for the home, the church, and the world. The Apostle Paul’s words hoisted above Old Main years ago declared Grace’s higher purpose even more succinctly: “To the Praise of His Glory.” Since its founding in 1960, Crosspoint Bible Church has embraced and befriended Grace. But Grace will […]


You gotta love that Nicodemus, coming to Jesus under cover of night, cautious, curious, empty, searching, perhaps a little bit expectant. Jesus was gentle. After all, this Nic at night still communicated on a mere human level. But Jesus was firm. “You’re Israel’s teacher, Nic. Get with it. Move on from mere human thinking and […]


When Jesus meets a Roman Centurion, their conversation defies my expectation. Not the typical Roman soldier, humility, sensitivity, sympathy, and a servant attitude capture this man’s character. As his valued servant faces death, he reaches out to Jesus. Arguing from lesser to greater, this Roman leader compares his own finite authority with that of Jesus. […]


The Pharisee, struggling to entertain Jesus, grumbles. The Prostitute, struggling to honor Jesus, weeps. In that scene, within that story, pregnant with drama and tension, Jesus tells a ridiculous story about various levels of forgiveness and various levels of gratitude. Have you experienced forgiveness? Does your life demonstrate gratitude? Don’t miss this powerful story this […]

Conversations with Family

BIBLE CHALLENGE: Faith often gets its jumpstart at home. Parents demonstrate consistency who walk their faith and talk their faith at home. But God’s workshop of faith embraces home, factory, business, school, playground, shopping mall. Wherever we are, in that particular time and place God puts our faith to the very simple test of simple, […]

Retreat and Rest

Traveling this summer? Will your plans take you to family, to amusement parks, or into nature? Family visits encourage bonding. Amusement parks, in my opinion, offer artificial excitement, exhaustion. My excursions into nature have brought both physical exertion and mental relaxation, slowing life’s hectic pace considerably. I vote for nature. This summer, my wife and […]

Good Works

Good works … they’re everywhere. Or they should be. Good works cannot produce faith, cannot bring us to God. But good works can demonstrate our life in Christ. The Apostle Paul reminds us that our relationship with God comes through Jesus Christ, by faith, through his grace, as God’s gift, not of our works. With […]


Jesus set the bar high regarding good works. Paul put good works on their proper theological shelf. At Crosspoint Bible Church this Sunday, June 25, we’ll consider conversations without words, good works which demonstrate faith and focus the glory on God. Still trying to argue a person to Christ? It might work. Pray hard. While […]


Our conversations and our lifestyles speak loudly to a world in decay and darkness. So Jesus called us to be both salt and light (Matt. 5:13-14). How can my conversations become salt today, preserving and purifying? How can my lifestyle become a light to someone stumbling in darkness, in need of illumination and guidance? Remember, […]

Rest, my friend, rest!

Rest. Wrest. Homonyms — two words that sound alike. But a world of difference separates them. Rest. Cease. Stop. Sleep. Daydream. Wrest. Grab. Snatch. Force. Seize. Rest or wrest? Which of these accurately portrays your last few months, years? Do you seize stuff, grab attention, force matters prematurely? Do you appear as a blur to […]