Blueprint for Marriage: And God Said… And It Was So!

And God Said… And It Was So!

By Dr. Don Pahl, originally preached on October 4, 2015.

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Main sermon text: Genesis 1-2

And God Said… And It Was So!

1.  God’s revelation begins with Genesis 1:1.

2.  Creation is God’s good handiwork—all of it!

3.  God created male and female imago dei

  • relational.
  • personal/personality.
  • functional.
  • complementary.
  • ultimate.

4.  The purpose of marriage includes:

  • companionship.
  • procreation.
  • partnership.
  • reflection of Christ and his Church.


God brought together a man and a woman,

expressions of his glory in creation,

to express his glory in marriage.

He still does!


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