A Plea For Prayer

Choosing kings used to be a lot easier. Blood lines render voting booths unnecessary. But blood lines also allow continuation of “bad blood,” corruption, and moral decay.
A variety of governing models dot earth’s landscape. Monarchies still pass the throne from one generation to another. Evil dictators rule until a coup interrupts corruption. Benevolent dictators, too, come to an end. Modern democracy is still a child on the stage of world history.
The nation Israel began as a Theocracy. God alone was Supreme Leader. God alone, through family and clan leaders, then through Moses and the Judges, led Israel. But Israel, like all of us, wanted to be like everyone around them, and demanded a king.
Israel’s first king, Saul, failed badly, beginning with pride. Time for a new king. No campaign speeches. No promises. No televised debates. Just a man of God (Samuel) listening to God’s voice to anoint God’s leader.
What did Samuel look for? Appearance? Voting record? Bills passed? Samuel examined several young men, evaluating physical height, handsomeness, etc. But each failed.
As Samuel searched, God reminded him: “The Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” And the heart God was looking for belonged to David.
We cannot see the hearts of our candidates as God sees them. We only glimpse character through actions. That is why prayer precedes entering the voting booth. That is why voters must challenge candidates to pursue integrity, humility, and a servant heart in their role as leader. Jesus both demanded and demonstrated a servant-leader attitude.
Our nation is facing crises on many fronts, national and international, economic and political, moral and spiritual. No human, no national leader can fix what has broken. Fellow citizens, it’s time to pray.

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